The Yarrow Community Care & Clinic office is semi-accessible:

Entrance: ADA accessible, door typically open but is not automatic, no steps. Decal on the door is “Pacific Lactation & Wellness,” suite 108.

Restroom: Two gendered restrooms on ground level in building, with key code access; each gendered bathroom is without changing tables; each gendered bathroom has two stalls, one of which is ADA accessible; each gendered bathroom without urinals. We are working with our practice partners to lobby the building management to make all bathrooms gender neutral; as visitors to our building, ask us how you can join us in our request of management.

Layout: Open floor-plan with flexibility to easily move tables, chairs, desks, and anything else that may cause limited accessibility throughout the space.

  • Consultation and clinic rooms are semi-accessible, and we are constantly making improvements to the space to increase accessibility — if you have suggestions or requests, we are here for them!

Scents: The building is not scent-free, but we strongly encourage attendees not to wear perfumes or oils to more adequately accommodate attendees with fragrance sensitivities.

Parking/Transit: Lot parking available around building. Reserved ADA parking spaces on South side of building; parking on North side of building has accessible sidewalk.

  • Northbound:

    • Everett Transit 2 (South Everett Circulator bus) — stop @ 112th St SE & 4th Ave W, 900 ft walk (about 4 min)

    • Swift Blue Line (Northbound toward Everett Swift Station) — stop 112th St SW NB Station, 0.8 mi walk (about 17 min)

  • Southbound:

    • Everett Transit 2 (South Everett Circulator bus) — stop @ 4th Ave W & 112th St SE, 300 ft walk (about 2 min)

    • Everett Transit 7 — stop @ SW Everett Mall Way @ 4th Ave W, 0.8 mi walk (about 17 min)

    • Swift Blue Line (Southbound toward Aurora Village) — stop @ 112th St SW SB station, 0.8 mi walk (about 17 min)

  • Eastbound:

    • Everett Transit 8 (South toward Airport Rd & Evergreen Way) — stop @ Evergreen Way & 110th St SE - SB, 0.8 mi walk (about 17 min)

  • Westbound:

    • Swift Green Line (Northbound toward Seaway Transit Center) — stop @ 4th Ave W NB Station, 1.0 mi walk (about 21 min)

Please contact us if you have accessibility requests and we will do our best to accommodate.